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  Biography of Reting Tritrul Tenpa Rabgye from the Dictionary of Learned And/Or Accomplished Beings Who Appeared In The Snowy Land  

Reting Tritrul Tenpa Rabgye (rwa-skreng khri-sprul bstan-pa rab-rgyas)

He was born in the Earth-Hare year of the 13th cycle, which is the Western year 1759, in Lithang (li-thang) in Kham (khams) as son to his father Sonam Dargye (bsod-nams dar-rgyas) and his mother Dronma Tso (skron-ma mtsho). He passed away in the Fire-Mouse year of the 14th cycle, which is the Western year 1815.

At the age of two he requested the anointing ceremony (byabs-khrus) of Virhphotakah (rnam-‘joms) from the Lithang abbot Puntsok Gyatso (phun-tsok rgya-mtsho). Since there was no need for doubt that he was the reincarnation of the Great Throneholder Dorje Chang Ngawang Chokden (rdo-rje ‘chang mchok-ldan), he was given the name Losang Tendar (blo-bzang bstan-dar).

At the age of six he went to Central Tibet (dbus) and occupied the Golden Throne at Reting, excellently performing his duties. He took ordination from Panchen Palden Yeshe (phan-chen dpal-ldan ye-shes). Studying under his tutor Trichen Ngawang Choedrak (khri-chen ngak-dbang chos-kraks) he trained in reading and writing and had expert understanding.

At the age of ten he entered the monastic college (krwa-tshang) of those known to be experts at Serje (ser-byes), where he studied and practiced the great textual tradition of the five groupings of the Buddha word [i.e. Valid Cognition, Madhyamaka, Prajnaparamita, Abhidharma, Vinaya] under the tutelage of Choeje Jampa Moenlam (chos-rje byams-pa smon-lam).

At the age of 21 he was given the title of Lharampa [highest Geshe degree] at Serje college (ser-byes krwa-tshang). He took full ordination vows from Panchen Palden Yeshe (pan-chen dpal-ldan ye-shes) and entered the Palden (dpal-ldan) Lower Tantric college. He learned the rituals as well as the practices of the Great Secret Mantra until he reached completion.

At the age of 47, according to the instructions of Gyalwa Rinpoche (rgyal-ba rin-po-che) [i.e. the Dalai Lama], he stayed at Drepung (‘bras-spungs) as tutor to Changya Rinpoche (lcang-skya rin-po-che). At the age of 47, upon request from the Khemang (mkhas-mang) college of Serje (ser-byes), he was pleased to give the Shag (zhag) anthology of explanations and reading transmissions of the essential meaning of the Graded Path (lam-rim) to an assembly of saffron-robed monks numbering many thousands.

At the age of 58 he passed into the mind expanse of dharma. He was the second in the line of the Retings (rwa-skring).

His words and compositions are: ‘Songs of the Experience of the View. Commentary on Recognizing the Mother’, ‘Eight Speeches on the Great Graded Path to Enlightenment (byang-chub lam-rim chen-mo)’, ‘Long-Life Prayer and Supplication to the Victorious Fathers and Sons and the Holy Great Beings’, ‘Two Volumes of the Complete Fifty-Five Sections of the Practice of Offerings to the Guru and the Removal of Doubts’.

From: ko-zhul grags-pa 'byung-gnas dang. rgyal-ba blo-bzang mkhas-grub (2006). gangs-can mkhas-grub rim-byon ming-mdzod. [Jungnay, Kozhul Dragpa, and Gyalwa Lozang Khaydrub (2006). A Dictionary Of Learned And / Or Accomplished Beings Who Appeared In The Snowy Land]. Swayambunath, Nepal: Padma Karpo Translation Committee



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