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by the 6th Reting Hutuktu




Open Letter by the 6th Reting Hutuktu to HH the 14th Dalai Lama
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Offener Brief des 6. Reting Hutuktu an SH den 14. Dalai Lama
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  Open Letter to the 14th Dalai Lama by the 6th Reting Hutktu  

To HH Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, an offering of wrathful speech and gentle words to shake the foundation of the prominent suppositions which deceive the searcher into following paths that lead to the most horrific of hells.

I pray please carefully contemplate my words, offered in the hope that many things can be restored and many destroyed.

To those that read my open letter to you and feel outraged with my tone and lack of etiquette, please calm your minds. I write with the intimacy evoked through centuries of respectful familiarity to a friend who has no desire to be flattered. Do not become engrossed in the bullshit of pompous formality but instead look at your own attitude.

As I write here of events now past and before the birth of the body that types this letter it should be said that the views I express are totally my own and the recollections expressed are those as I recall them from the time of my previous incarnation. I do not pretend to have vast clairvoyance or a mind unaffected by migration, but to assert that I have no ability would be a lie, to pretend that I can not recall the most basic of things such as previous lifetimes betrays the accomplishments of my former incarnations. I say this with no ego invested in status or making claims to be vastly realised, which in this time is mostly a cause to abuse others. I write openly so that others will record the events of our dialogue from this time forward and with the hope that a great many wrongs can be put right.

You who hold the position of temporal leader of the Tibetan people and spiritual leader to some Tibetans and others of many races: A vast burden do you shoulder. Several times I have written to you and attempted to make contact for the good of the samaya we share from lifetimes past and to fulfill our wishing prayers.

Surrounded by evil and corruption you are isolated from me, and I even doubt that you have received all the requests I have sent to you. Now out of frustration for the situation that exists I attempt in this open letter to reach you through unconventional means.

Great lies have been circulated about my former incarnation, circulated by those who seek to hide their wrongdoings and evil nature. Foul propaganda was spread to denigrate the 5th Reting Hutuktu and to muster support for the slaughter of his disciples. I fear you have been influenced by these false words and stirred to support the agenda of your true enemies. Otherwise how is it that you have not yet exposed the true demons of Tibet and the Holy Dharma?

All that you have by way of authority was initiated and bestowed by my predecessor at great sacrifice to himself. Your family enjoyed his protection, and that you even survived at the hands of your captors is owed to his blessing. Recall what happened to you as you were forced to drop my names from yours!

Although young at that time you are none the less the true incarnation of the Dalai Lama and as such have the presence of mind to discern for yourself. Surely it is not possible that you believe in your heart all the lies you were told?

Shugden lies at the heart of all the discord. Shugden is the sole source of the conflicts during my reign. Shugden was the demon who seduced the refuge from those high and low and who severed the lineage of dharma from the Gelugpas.

You were raised by a mass murderer, a thief and demon worshiper who allowed your education to be administered by those with the same traits. Do not turn a blind eye to the truth of history. All the blood spilt at Reting and other Holy places was the fulfillment of Taktra’s wishes and commands. The only thing you were shielded from in relation to the horrors committed was the truth.

You are the only Dalai Lama to have been initiated into the practice of Shugden. Would this have happened had I survived? You know it would not.

Even though at that dark time I was also surrounded by the disciples of the fallen and evil Pabongka I resisted attempts to indoctrinate me in the foul ways of the sure and certain abandoning of refuge. There are claims to the fallen vow of celibacy. Even if that were true is that not less of a defeat than the initial MURDER of hundreds then ultimately the destruction of life and nation which followed? Were all Dalai Lamas celibate? The answer is NO, and did that diminish their power of blessing? Naturally in the Ganden tradition a vow of celibacy should be taken from one who keeps it. But how this pales in significance when compared to the major defeats committed by Taktra and others whom you venerate! You should also be clear that no vow can be transmitted purely without the refuge vow being pure. Many lamas have passed away without realising refuge but none so blatantly disavowing it like Shugden practitioners!

Taktra had no noble motives behind any of his actions; that is the plain and simple truth. He killed and plundered, poisoned by worldly attachment and foul views.

The 5th Reting accused of conspiring to kill Taktra: All noble beings know that it would have been best had this been true and had it succeeded! In the Jataka we find inspiration to take upon oneself the karma of such an action in order to benefit many, including the defeated beings who are falling into the abyss of the hell realms through the actions they commit and those they intend to. You yourself have in this very lifetime stated that it is permissible to kill, provided you killed the source-trouble-maker. Do you not think those responsible for destroying the refuge of scores of beings are worthy of being put to death? Do you assert for even a moment that the 5th Reting was incapable of knowing the intentions of others?
Has a Dalai Lama ever directly supported an assassination? How the answer would shock and confuse the modern, casual, want-to-be Buddhist. What motivation could a Dalai Lama have to build armies and buy arms if not to defend the Dharma by force if necessary?

How the 5th Reting has suffered the outrageous and baseless slander right to the present day when still modern ‘spin’ is hypocritically and inappropriately applied in attempts to disparage him! Have you not participated in this?

Your thirteenth incarnation, great and strong, who was the source of refuge to my own incarnation, led fearlessly the battle to cast Shugden from the hearts and minds of all would-be dharma practitioners. You as the great Thirteenth rebuked the root of the poisonous lineage at that time only to become caught in the branches of that poisonous lineage tree in your next incarnation!

Taktra was the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. My only chance of aiding you was to appease to some degree his demands. I saw the demon within him, and history records the atrocities he authorized with lust for blood, power and financial gain. No sane person can deny that besides abandoning the source of refuge he was a killer and a thief. To speak the truth brings no negative repercussions as he was not worthy of the status of GURU: He abandoned all causes to be an object of refuge.

Of Ling my heart feels deep sadness for in the beginning he was a keen and certain participant in the plot against my 5th emanation and the destruction of Tibet. An incarnate of such status abandoning refuge is a cause of great sadness. Becoming entangled in all the machinations of Shugden is a cause for revulsion. What a terrible loss.

Trijang was the force who spread the doctrine of downfall to all peoples of high and low status, Tibetan and of other races. The greatest servant of Shugden in our entire history, he succeeded in destroying the living tradition of Je Tsong Kapa. This fact is obvious to any person who studies logic with a clear mind.

Now people masquerade as monks and nuns or lay teachers of Je Tsong Kapa’s doctrine, all of them lacking the transmission of a living lineage. You have upheld the deceit, a willing partner in the continuance of lies and broken, baseless lineages.

Mostly you rely on Guru Rinpoche for the source of your blessing yet externally Shugden’s minions declare you their grand priest, the highest source of blessing in their order. Why do you continue this façade? Admit that there is no living valid Gelugpa lineage!

Every time you grant the demons who recruit for Shugden an audience, have your picture taken alongside of them, visit their centers in Asia and foreign lands: All of these actions seek to increase their fame and the damage they do. Stop this tacit support!

I once heard you tell thousands of students to report accounts of wrong and disgraceful behavior by Tibetan Lamas directly to you and that you would use your influence to investigate and shame where appropriate those who abuse their position as a teacher of Dharma.

Be true to your own words and start by acknowledging the downfall that began in your own childhood. Do not forsake the advice given by my former incarnations, whom you relied upon as a source of teaching and refuge, just as I will not forsake the advice given by your former incarnations, whom I likewise relied upon. Tears fall freely and plentifully from my eyes as I recall all the struggles to preserve the doctrine that have been our history and obligation up to this point, though I lose no sense of commitment. When I recall your former incarnations I am moved to tremble through recollection of your kindness and deeds.

I pray that you revisit the determination of your previous incarnations and contemplate deeply the war you must wage. I offer myself for your strength - may the obstacles ripen on me and not you - that you will hang the demons with the rope they have extracted through circumstances beyond our control. Turn now full circle upon the enemies of the Dharma and sever the force of their influence! Use your worldly fame to draw attention to a matter of real significance.

There is much to follow that I will write as a true record of my recollections in order to refute the poisonous speech of Shugden’s sons.

I am the sixth and only present incarnation of the Reting Tulku. I have heard of a sixth enthroned in Tibet after the murder of my previous incarnation, a fake candidate imposed upon my throne by demons and terrified supporters: Nothing more than a puppet to serve the purposes of the real destroyers and invaders of Tibet.

Reading the prophecy of your former incarnation makes all things very clear to those not blinded by distorted views. The invasion within was not caused by Reting, it was caused by Taktra and Shugden. The invasion without was the result of the collective karma of the Tibetan people propelled greatly by the acts of Taktra, Ling and Trijang, who with the help of a mutinous and evil cabinet of ministers handed Tibet’s future to Shugden and murdered all who opposed their reign of evil.

Strange that for a people who pretend to be Buddhist, Tibetans point the finger at China for their woes when it is their own karma ripening upon them! Perhaps that truth is not so popular in support of political ambitions and fund raising rhetoric? How easy it is for liars and the ignorant to make others a scapegoat and cause of blame.

As Buddhists we should be acutely aware of cause and effect. Your entanglement in all that I have briefly outlined should give you cause for regret.

In this life you have taken so very long to abandon the connection to Shugden and so long to counsel others publicly to do so. You can not protect the ignorant from the fear and confusion the truth will bring any longer. Do not take years or even months to respond to this letter, but as a matter of urgency make known your views and intentions. Those beings who actively debase the Dharma throughout the world are many, and they grow stronger and wealthier every day. Is it to be that the 14th Dalai Lama will be the one who gives in to Shugden, who takes the soft way out of dealing with the problem, who allows those who have faith in him to fall to the lower realms because the repercussions of the truth may debase his own temporal power? Will you pay just lip service to this matter without exposing the real truth?

No Bodhisattva could accept such a destiny and leave such a legacy to those who attempt to restore the sacred teachings in the aftermath of killers, whores, sellouts, thieves, liars and droves of demons.

I request of you as one who is sworn to aid others that you swiftly liberate all those ignorant of the mistaken path they follow in believing there still exists a valid Gelugpa lineage.
I pray that you will have the strength to shatter the veils of deceit that hang over your devotees, supporters and countrymen.

For either of us to pass on without being reunited and reconfirming our bonds would be the final great victory of Pabongka, Shugden and all the dark forces.

Do not allow some puffed up civil servant, full of pride and lacking the ability to even discern the most basic of truths, to reply to my plea to you!

Consider what I have said and spontaneously in the light of truth seek to meet me soon in a place uncomplicated by the attentions of the curious, suspicious and alarmed!

I reach out to you as a brother, both sons born of the victorious ones.

May a downpour of blessings rain upon us, cleansing the soiled history of all stains, making way for the brilliance of truth to shine!

May the doctrine be renewed on the basis of logic, reasoning and valid transmission!

May we both be free from the affliction of catering to the demands and expectations of worldly or demonic incarnations!
Through the blessing of Guru Rinpoche, whose teachings shine forth in this dark time, I abide with raging thunder in my heart, stirring and strengthening my resolve to destroy the enemies of the Dharma. I pray that the same noble passion will stir ever stronger in you and that we will soon meet.

Written entirely by me, the 6th Reting Hutuktu, a dim reflection of former incarnations, on the afternoon of Saturday the 22nd of July 2006 at my residence, the location for now secret, in response to continued requests from my students that I confront the tyranny of historical distortion, lies and utter falsehoods projected by the former Tibetan Government, the Tibetan Government in Exile and the zombies who masquerade as Monks, Nuns, Lamas, Geshes and Tulkus of the Ganden Tradition.

May the true intent of my expression quickly materialize in order to stop the mass migration to the lower realms of all those who sincerely set out to embrace a spiritual existence but whose future happiness is being destroyed by reliance on false doctrine and the substance-less words of demonic parrots who recite scripture without blessing and predominately occupy the highest thrones in the wealthiest monasteries.
May Je Rinpoche rain fire upon the imposters and demons and support fully all efforts the Dalai Lama makes to correct the wrongs!

May all beings that seek true Dharma meet with authentic and qualified teachers and not fall into the hands of spiritual rapists and frauds.



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